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Where, oh where has my website gone? Yes, your website is “out there” somewhere in the far-reaching realms of cyberspace, but are people actually seeing it? It may be the tallest, brightest, and fanciest sign alongside that highway, but if no one uses that road any more, who will ever see it?

Searching for a needle in a haystack. Consider this: As of 2015, there were over 900 million websites populating cyberspace. When you jump on your computer and search for the latest hi-tech “whatchamacallit,” the massive chore facing "search engines” like Google, Bing, and Yahoo is obvious. What these search engines do is no simple process. They have developed extremely complicated mathematical formulas (algorithms) in order to categorize and prioritize all the stuff that is out there. These algorithms need to be continually updated just because there are so many hackers and spammers out there trying to cheat the system.

(Buyer Beware: If someone is offering you a “too-good-to-be-true” guarantee to boost your ranking on the internet, then that is probably just what it is – too good to be true or even honest! Search Engines are very "smart" and getting smarter. Underhanded SEO methods are quickly discovered and your website could be penalized and lose its search ranking completely!)

Where in Cyberspace is my Website?

In today's age every company needs a website and online voice (does anyone ever use a phone book?). Nevertheless, not all website clients need to be concerned about aggressive online marketing. For example, if you are the only company selling a "whatchamacallit v2.0" in a 10,000-mile radius, then you are sure to be discovered online with very minimal effort. On the other hand, when a company is offering a service or product shared by a marketplace filled with many other competitors especially in their specific geographical area, they will, of course, need a cutting edge for their online presence. Caution, however, should be used – especially in considering any high-cost, long-term marketing program until their edge has been discovered and developed.

What Can I Do To Up My Visibility?

There are some very simple strategies that are important to keep in mind when striving to be more visible on the internet. Here they are in order of importance:

  1. Content – Focused & Directed. This is by far the most important. The text and photos of your website must focus on clearly describing your business and attracting potential clients. If not, well...Google (and all the other search engines) knows will drop your website's ranking in searches.
  2. Content – Fresh. Would anyone read the newspaper if the same article was always on the front page? Would you? There should be fresh or at least updated content in your website. Monthly updates would be very helpful. One way to to do this would be by starting a Blog and connecting that Blog "feed" to your website. A blog is simple way to add fresh content without having to redesign the website. Facebook and Twitter can also be "fed" into strategic locations on your website. (Links to other locations on the web are very helpful for your visibility. More about that shortly.) To learn more about this, check out this link here:  Do You Blog?
  3. Social Media. Social Media like Facebook and Twitter are excellent ways to get your website "connected" with the rest of the world. When used correctly, they can provide additional advertising your website. Read more about Social Media connections here:  We Do Social Media
  4. Links – "Inbound". Each link connecting your website to other related locations on the web will provide opportunity for more traffic to your website. "Inbound" links are those found in other websites directing them to your website. This can be accomplished by adding a link to your website on Facebook or Twitter. You may also consider looking into other advertising companies (related to your business) that would place a link to you on their website. Examples would be trade associations, online magazines, local newspapers, chambers of commerce, etc.
  5. Links – "Outbound". "Outbound" links are those that originate on your website and point to other another website. This can be accomplished with Social Media. You may also consider adding a link to a company that makes the products you sell. Often times, larger companies will even provide some benefit to you for advertising their products on your website!
  6. For those who do feel their company needs more aggressive online marketing, DM WebCreation offers a product which we are able to implement in order to improve website ranking. This tool is called: Search Engine Visibility. You can read more about this product at the link below:

     DM WebServices – Search Engine Visibility

    Search Engine Visibility may not make your advertising billboard brighter, taller, or fancier; but, as a cost-effective SEO tool, it will assist in directing more traffic down the highway where your billboard exists and provide that cutting edge you deserve.

    DM WebCreation does SEO.

    DM WebCreation knows that maintaining a website is an ever-upwards and ongoing project. We are by your side to inspire creativity and usefulness in marketing that enriches your business.



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