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A website must be a comfortable fit for all of your viewers. With more than 50% of website visits originating on mobile devices, it is essential for your website to have a friendly and easily viewable format. Pinching your screen to zoom in and out on your iPhone can become very annoying, right?

Until recently, web designers could only solve this problem by creating separate websites with different viewing sizes. This method not only multiplies the design work, but it also multiplies the margin for error.

DM WebCreation is experienced in using Total Responsivity – a newer and much more efficient technology in which your website design is "smart" enough to automatically "adapt" to the device size on which it is being viewed. The result is a website that looks great on a smart phone, tablet, desktop computer and everything in between. Whether you have an informational website or an online store, a responsive design allows your customers to easily view, navigate, and ultimately choose your company and what you have to offer.

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