There is a lot to learn about the various kinds of email plans available. Here are several things to consider:

Why Use A Domain-Based Email Plan?
3d-man_email-1 There is a definite mark of professionalism when a business uses a domain-based email plan.

When company “ABC” with a domain name of “” uses an email address of “”, it is obvious that this company is serious about their “ABC” product line. Every email they send out carries with it the advertisement of their website.

DM WebCreation can set you up with your own domain name based email plan to fit your needs.
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What is the Difference Between POP3 and IMAP Email Plans?
3d-man_email-4Basically, an IMAP email plan is a bit more useful (and a bit more costly) in that it allows for complete synchronization across all of your devices. This is something that is almost necessary in today’s booming technology.

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