A piece of old, moldy, crusty bread, anyone? How about a glass of warm, flat soda? Probably not on your menu – or anyone’s menu for that matter! What are your comments when you see a sign along the road advertising an business sale event that already took place two years ago? “What’s wrong with that company?” If it passes the expiration date, take it off the shelf! Stale stuff is bad news!

Viewers Know! A website may contain valid and even up-to-date information, but if it is the same information that never gets changed, then that website has lost its effervescence, palatability, and effectiveness. Stale websites simply do not attract internet traffic.

Google Knows! Search engines have built in algorithms which can quickly detect a website’s staleness. Once discovered, they automatically begin dropping that website’s rankings in its searches. Search Engine Visibility is one area that greatly suffers when a website does not maintain an online presence of freshness.

Stay Fresh! Keeping your website updated is important. Website content should never go beyond three months without being updated. Here are a few ways that fresh content can be added:

  • 3d-man-fresh-fruit-27237867_m-purchasedAdding a few recent photos from your business.
  • Add a simple blog to your website (more on Blogs).
  • Connect Social Media to your pages (more on Social Media).

DM WebCreation can help inspire you with some fresh and creative ideas for your website. Or maybe you might want to just change up your entire website. We do that, too! Contact us today and stay fresh!

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